Windows8 includes Myanmar Language Support

I read Windows 8 will support Myanmar language support that is too great to us, I am too eager waiting Windows 8. If windows 8 launch in 2012 what will happen to our unicode input method application developers? There are a lot in Myanmar IT environment who are supporting Myanmar uoicode input applications, I think sooner or later  Myanmar unicode input applications will end. I am downloading Windows 8 preview and try to test what is Myanmar Language support in windows 8.

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Comment by Maung Khin on October 9, 2012 at 10:25am

@cthux, I did install the preview as well as the Release version and now I am on production version. Will upgrade to full professional version on 26 October.

Whichever version you install at the time of setup select the eng/ myanmar keyboard to install the keyboard. You don't need to install anything afterwards. You will get the myanmar text font which is similar to mm3.

Good luck!

Comment by Zaw Min on October 8, 2012 at 3:52pm

I'm using Windows Release Preview and Myanmar Unicode working well. Just need to learn some different keyboard layout and typing order. Some information that I Know about Myanmar Text Unicode are as follow;

- need to type alphabet before (သဝေထိုး တို့ ရရစ်တို့ အရင်ရိုက်မရပါ။ အက္ခရာ အရင်ရိုက်ရပါမည်)

- ဒ၊ဓ၊ဂ၊ယ နေရာ အပြောင်းအလဲရှိပါသည်

- shift+f for double character like ပ္ပ၊က္က၊န္ဓ

- able to use Windows Key + Space bar to switch Eng <==> Myn(မြန်)

- windows media player မှာ ကောင်းကောင်းအလုပ်လုပ်ပါတယ်

Unicode website များ ကောင်းကောင်းကြည့်လို့ရပါသည်။

စာလုံးအရွယ်အစားသေးသောကြောင့် ယခင်ယူနီကုတ်များကဲ့သို့ ထိပ်ပြတ် အောက်ပြတ် သိပ်မဖြစ်ပါ။

Comment by Maung Khin on October 13, 2011 at 8:18am
I have installed Windows 8 Developer Preview and found MyanmarText font. As you know most Myanmar sites are in Zawgyi and I need to install Zawgyi font in the fonts file to view correctly. After that all websites displayed correctly. I tried some sentences in MyanmarText in Winword. ( Can not install Word , error code 1935 relating to .Net) I think it is similar or the same as MM3. I got to reinstall Win8 as it crashed yesterday. Actually I installed as dual boot with a second hard disk.
Comment by Cthux on October 10, 2011 at 7:19pm

Bro have you installed the Win8 Preview?


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