Windows 2008 R2 Activation Crack for testing purposes

Last week a junior wanted to use Windows 2008 R2 but he can't get pirated Win2008 R2 in Yangon and he asked me is there any cracks, actually I think there is no Win2008 R2 cracks. But I tried to find for a few minutes and finally I found an application that can successfully cracks win2008 r2. But this is only for testing purposes I am not encouraging to use pirated software in commercial environment because it is too risky to use pirated applications, who knows the cracker planted malicious codes or not. For my experiences a lot pirated applications planted malicious codes in the system for certain purposes.

OK let's start here, just find and download Windows 7 Loader eXtreme Edition from or find it in google and download. After successfully install win2008 r2 just unrar downloaded  Windows 7 Loader eXtreme Edition and run exe file and wait a few minutes and it will restart automatically, after restart login to server again and it will do necessary cracking the system and restart again .After that your win2008 r2 server is activated. In Yangon pirated software sellers (like Active) are selling win2008 r2 DVDs and their cracks are not working.1000 Kyats for nothing.

For testing purposes I can grantee it works properly but for commercial use rethink two times to use pirated applications.

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