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I would like to share two good articles and assume every programmer who are working in a team should read (at least twice) .

part 1

good metaphor for explaining the various issues in tasking junior staff

part 2…


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Quotes from Steve Jobs: Master of Innovation Article (Success Magazine 4 May 2010)

This article become my favourite on in these days.

A lot of messages are well written by the writer John H. Ostdick.

Here is the link.

very good one and please read it. It will worth your time.

messages from the…


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Tightly Coupled Code in C#

The following is the sample of tightly coupled code in c#.

MyComponent class use logger object and use it method log that tracks any activity to a database.

using System;



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The Design Pattern Religion from Uncle Bob

Interesting post from Uncle Bob. So I share again.

The Design Patterns religion is a foul bird that ravages teams and cuts down young projects in their prime. But let’s be clear about what that religion is. The Design Patterns religion is the ardent belief that the use of design patterns is…


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The Professional Programmer article from Uncle Bob

I would like to share The Professional Programmer article from Uncle Bob. His message is mainly target to Business Application Developers. Here is the link.

Those of you that want to know who is Uncle Bob. Please check this link.…


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The Fatal Assumption From Michael Gerber

I consider it required reading for anyone considering starting a business.

Just want to share this message from his book. (The following are copy from his book.)

The Fatal Assumption is : if you understand the technical part of the business, you understand a business that does technical work.

And the reason it's fatal is that it just isn't true.

In fact, it's the root cause of most small business failures!

The technical work of a business and… Continue

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Data Transfer Object (DTO)

According to wikipedia, DTO is a design pattern used to transfer data between software application subsystems.

you can also see DTO as corej2eepatterns.

martin fowler said

remote call are expensive.

If you need to reduce the number of calls,use DTO. DTO can hold all the data for that… Continue

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using Reflection in C#

Reflection allows the developer to dynamically create object and calling its methods.

Let's look at the following two ways to achieve the same result.

//Normal way to call an object

BusinessObject bo=new BusinessObject();


//Reflection way to call an object

object retval = null;

Assembly assm = Assembly.Load("MyApp");

Type objType =… Continue

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using Enum.IsDefined in c#

I wrote some c# code today for Notification Engine. Unfortunately, I need to write hard code in this time.

Problem is I have to serialized the object in different way based on Method Name.

version 1 - code sample

if (retVal != null && mni.MethodName==’GetFailedEmail’))


xml= XYZ.Util.Serialization.SerializationUtility.ToXMLStringWithTags(retVal).Trim();


else if (retVal !=null)


xml =… Continue

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A day in Life of Field Service Engineer with mobile solution

In the morning, the technician turns on his Pocket PC to check what equipment is up for scheduled maintenance and who the customers are.

He connects his pocket PC with cradle and press the sync button on application.

The application download all the following info.

customer info (address,phone no)

Maintenance scheudule (Equipment, type of maintenance)

Serive Order Info (time of faliure, equipment)

Equipment service logs (who fixed what and… Continue

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A day in Life of Field Service Engineer with paper based solution

Eachday, the technicians go to the head office and pick up service orders that are printed on paper forms.

The technicians spend some time discussing who goes where and who does what.

Urgent service orders are manually prioritized.

When all is done at the head office, the field workers drive away to the field.

If an urgent call comes in during th day, the head office staff has to call out to the field workers and hope one can come back to pick up the paper-based… Continue

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Field Service Operation

Field Service is about fixing things in a planned maintenance schedule or because of a breakdown situation.

The effort involved have to be carefully noted, in terms of steps taken, the time and effort required, as well as parts used.

At the end of the process, an invoice is usually created and the customer receiveds the invoice.

service Need -> Detail Effort -> Plan effort -> Fix -> Report effort -> Create Invoice -> Invoice

Field service… Continue

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Windows Mobile application in Enterprise Line of Business

I plan to talk about some technical knowledge in mobile application area and this is the intro blog.

Windows Mobile application in Supply Chain Management

- Upon receiving a phone call to place a new order for hardware, the customer service representative enters the order into her Windows Mobile device and then synchronizes the information with the central database.

- A warehouse 'picker' synchnoizes his windows mobile device and finds out that he needs to pick… Continue

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Expired Assets

An expired asset is something whose value diminishes over time.

Example includes a warehouse full of bananas and a ticket to a ball game.

Your knowledge and asset are your most important professional asset. Unfortunately, they're expiring assets.

Your knowledge become out of date as new technique, language and environment are developed. Changing market forces may render your experience obsolete or irrelevant.

As the value of your knowledge declines, so does… Continue

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A broken window Theory

One broken window, left unrepaired for any substantial length of time, instills in the inhabitants of the building a sense of the abandonment- a sense that the powers that be don't care about the building. So another window gets broken. People start littering. Graffiti appears. Serious structural damage begins. In a relatively short space of time, the building becomes damaged beyound the owner's desire to fix it, and the sense of abandonment becomes reality.

-----From my favourite… Continue

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Layers in .net Enterprise Business Application

There will be 4 layers for enterprise business application in .net.

- The Presentation Layer (UI)

- The Business Layer (BLL)

- The Data Access Layer (DAL)

- The Data Layer (Data Store)

Layer are supposed to talk in this way.

UI -> BLL -> DAL -> Data Store

we use DTO (Data Transfer Object) to pass the object to other layers.

DTO is just a class with property. so we can set and get the properties.

UI = aspx + aspx.cs (or)…


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.NET coding question

I want to start my first post with question. Most of my posts will be related to software development for business applications.

Here is the question.

Suppose, I have one live web application. The application is written by c#, 1.1 and using backend database as Microsoft SQL Server 2000 or 2005.

Business Client request the following.

They want to accept additional information 'Remarks' in Customer Data Entry Form and keep that information in…


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