Happy New Year!

Zawgyi-One 20071230
With the new year, comes a new release of Zawgyi font. In this version, a new sub-script of Myanmar character Bha "ဘ" has been added. This is a must-have release. Otherwise, your old Zawgyi-One font will display a square box whenever it encounters the new glyph.

Zawgyi Myanmar Unicode Keyboard L
There's also a new release of the Zawgyi keyboard driver. This one has been generated on a Vista OS, so it works on Vista. There've been reports that XP also works after a restart. This release includes a dramatic change. As usual, we haven't yet written detailed documentation, yet but the accompanying keyboard layout map is pretty much self-explanatory. We switched to calling the dead-key "Zawgyi Key".

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This is the Zawgyi Keyboard source file in KLC format, for those curious, or for developers. Most notable changes are placement-related. We switched the keys around, so that pressing E will give you န, then pressing Zawgyi key + E will give you ဝၷ (the subscript version of န).
so Happy even though I haven't test it yet,
but I'm downloading, can't wait to see..

Thank your ZawGyi Group, keep trying
Testing Bugs
၁.Dead key ကိုအဆက္မပ်က္ ႏွိပ္ၿပီး၁၂၃၄၅ ရိုက္ေသာအခါ ၁2345 ထြက္ လာပါသည္
၂.‘ဃ’ ကို ‘ - ၣ’ အျဖစ္ရိုက္လိုေသာ အခါ keyboard တြင္ `+ Shift + c
Shift key ကို `(ZK) ႏွင္႕ သံုးေသာ အခါ အလယတြင္ ထားရမည္


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