We're releasing a new version of Zawgyi-One font today (4th December, 2007). No new glyphs or unicode mappings are changed/added. The only change in this font from the previous release of 2006 June is postscript names have been changed to be unique.

Thanks to "Slayer of Lion" (LionSlayer) for pointing this out and giving us the correct suggestion. His message quoted below:

I modified the font file by changing,

Char postscript mod
[UTF-8?]အ A Ah
[UTF-8?]ဧ E Ey
[UTF-8?]ဣ I Ih
[UTF-8?]ဥ U Ue
[UTF-8?]ဩ O Oh

As long as their postscripts are the same with original A,E,I,O,U , there will
be misunderstandings between Myanmar Fonts and English Fonts.

In the old version, we had given postscript names of Ka က, Kha ခ, A အ, etc., and problems would arise in some postscript applications like Adobe PDF printer driver. The PDF printer would see အ but since it's postscript name was "A", it instead would display A in the resulting PDF files.

Saturngod had a fix around the issue here: http://saturngod.blogspot.com/2007/06/pdf-zawgyi-one.html

But this new Zawgyi-One font will not need the above tweak in PDF settings.

All Zawgyi-One users recommended to upgrade to this new version: Zawgyi-One-20071204.ttf.

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We made a small minor fix. The correct version is the third attached file in the above post. Or the ZIP also contains the latest version. (I couldn't figure out a way to remove the old TTF file from the above post).

The latest Zawgyi-One font as of today (4th December, 2007). [URL=http://mmitpros.ning.com/group/zawgyi/forum/attachment/download?id=1445004%3AUploadedFi58%3A10482]http://mmitpros.ning.com/group/zawgyi/forum/attachment/download?id=...[/URL]


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