Hello all,

   Please let me post this issue here again.

   Just now I watched on Youtube about someone showing Myanmar font (Zawgyi) on his Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet. I saw that all the fonts (characters) were displaying correctly in his browser.

   I also installed Zawgyi font onto my Android tablet and my fonts are not showing correctly. I can read Myanmar characters but I the placement of some characters are not correct in my Android browser. What is the problem and is it the font file issue or browser issue? I did not root my tablet permanently and I made temp root and then copy Zawgyi font file onto my tablet. Someone please describe the issue and how to solve it.

    Are the Zawgi font for PC, iPhone/iPad and Android the same???

Thanks and regards,

Thiha Oo

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Where is download site?
Pls tell me.

Seems like Icecreamsandwich embedded glyph reordering rule of vowel e (ေ) of Myanmar Unicode 5.0. Plz use lower versions (<4) .



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