MITP Members,

If you have any questions, concern, feedback, suggestion, regarding our current MITP Unicode migration, please post and discuss it here.


Ko Chit 

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Law law sel Unicode twey phat mha ya bu phyit nay par tel :)

လောလောဆယ် Unicode တွေဖတ်မရဘူး ဖြစ်နေပါတယ်။ Font ထည့်ထားပါတယ်။ ZawGyi ကို default လုပ်ထားပါတယ်။ တခြား site တွေဖတ်ရပါတယ်။ (Edit -> Main Page မှာဖတ်လို့မရတာကို ပြောတာပါ၊ Discussion မှာရပါတယ်)

On a side note:

Unicode font twey arr gyi ugly phit par tel. ZawGyi ko pain lha pi htin nay tar - Unicode ka po ugly phyit nay par tel. Lha ta pa ta Font lay twey shi yin mha sa kya per :) Thanks!

LionsLayer ရဲ့ Padauk-Zawgyi ဆိုရင္ေရာ

I can read the main forum but i cannot read any group and i cannot write.Why is happened for it .plz

reply something.Thanks for all.

You can't read some group contents because those are still remain in Zawgyi. For this problem, we have Request to all members.


To type or write, follow - Unicode User Guide (especially Step 3).

Me neither, I cant read.

Yes, I think we should try Padauk-Zawgyi .

I also have problem in Main. Let's give the team a bit of time to try and fix them.


Hi Ko Chit & MITPers,

Happy New Year. This is a new decade and a new beginning. For this interim period please install this GM Script to read:  (Firefox)


That scrip will tag fonts based on encoding and works on all sites like Facebook as well. For Chrome there is an extension based on this one here:


The one for Firefox at GreaseMonkey has an Undo feature. It still has a drawback as I don't as yet detect DOM changes, hence fonts are tagged only once when the page had loaded. But these day every site is going ajax and DOM changes happen all the time. Will update that as well tomorrow. :)

Thank Ravi Chhabra . This is really useful me!

This is an explanation of why things are happening the way they are:

1) Site CSS is now Unicode

2) Some of the content are in Zawgyi

3) We are in a migration face.


That said is *everything* on the main page unreadable or just a few post and some items in the latest activity list? I believe during this migration phase Ko Ei Maung has removed the font tagging script for a while (it might eventually be totally removed as well if it's no longer needed). I'll coordinate with him and keep you guys update. Stay tuned. But if *everything* on main page is messed up, please send a screen shot asap. Thanks.

If you use firefox, check this feature shown in image

Happy New Year Everyone! And we sincerely thanks for your patience and support.


Firefox on Mac


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