I thought of getting out of Zawgyi comfort zone after reading Ko Ngwe Tun's buzz. I am not a stranger to Myanmar3. I had downloaded and tried it a few times but it didn't stay long on my computer because (well...i should stop it here). I needed to download it again and so I did. 

As you may know, the zip file come with Myanmar3 font and Keyman keyboard file for the font. I got an same old thought again when I see Keyman keyboard file and did a quick ning search with the keyword "Keyman". I got 4 pages of search results and some posts were complaints on Myanmar3 using Keyman instead of own keyboard driver. I also noticed that there is no explaination on it. (it could be my bad and I didn't do my homework. please correct and point me to there if there is any.) There I wondered why Myanmar3 doesn't have its own keyboard driver while Zawgyi does. 

There I download MSKLC (Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator) which is believed to be the tool used to create Zawgyi keyboard; created a driver for Myanmar3 as the layout I found in the NLP's package. I installed the newly created driver and tried typing below sentence.

It didn't come out as I expected. So, I assumed it is not so simple after all and that might be one of the reasons why NLP didn't ship the keyboard driver (may be). But I still think it is a bit odd because while  didn't work;  worked fine. Because to me as a programmer, those are same kind of logic (more or less). Again, that might be my bad as I know nothing about Unicode.

I am sure that there must have reasons for NLP team not to have a driver in the package. It may be related to uniscribe engine which was mentioned in some posts. I here no doubt about the technical competence of NLP team but my curiousness made me wrote this and hope to learn the reasons behind this.

Looking forward to see informative replies from you all.

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There I wondered why Myanmar3 doesn't have its own keyboard driver while Zawgyi does.
Because Unicode stores သေဝထိုး / ရရစ္ after the consonant and users want to type that before. MSKLC can't reorder this while Keyman does this behind the scene. Right now there are more solutions than Keyman such as Keymagic and NHM Writer which does the same thing. For those that are comfortable with typing in Zawgyi Layout there is a NHM Writer layout file available for download which outputs Unicode. Around 1000++ rules were required since we needed to reorder a lot of things to get a Zawgyi Layout for Unicode. But it works.

The downside of using Keyman is that it's going to run only after Win Logon, hence passwords can't be typed in Myanmar.
>>> The downside of using Keyman is that it's going to run only after Win Logon, hence passwords can't be typed in Myanmar.

You said quite unlikely downside of keyman, I would rather says because of its not free now.
There I wondered why Myanmar3 doesn't have its own keyboard driver while Zawgyi does.

For that, Try အက္ခရာ (Ekaya)

Thanks, Mark, Ravi. I just tried Ekaya and kinda prefer over Keyman. But I faced a problem when I tried to type ေမာင့္လျပည့္၀န္း ​​as it turned out as

Was it because I typed it in wrong order or just more rules are needed?
Its Unicode 5.2 based, aut ka myint is comes before athat.
Your Myanmar3 font need to update. may be find at www.myanmarnlp.org.mm
Padauk and Ekaya work well. Does it mean Padauk is Unicode 5.2 font? But the link doesn't say so. Would you mind explaining more?
I guess, Padauk just does not have dotted circle rule for combination of aut ka myit and athat.
Its mean, even aut ka myit + athat or athat + aut ka myit might work for padauk, but it will be inconsistant, right? which is not good.

Myanmar3 has strict sequence checking, as Ravi mentioned.
I think, I understand it now. So, the issue is with Ekaya which is 5.2 compatible while fonts (both Myanmar3 and Paduak) are 5.1 compatible. Did I get it correctly?
Yes, correct. the only different with 5.1 and 5.2 is that aut ka myit and athat ordering as far as I know.
It is very confusing now. I downloaded the font from http://www.myanmarnlp.net.mm/. Now only I realized that there is another site from NLP at www.myanmarnlp.org.mm with another font package.
yea, confusing
maybe, one is at MICT and another at MPT.

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maybe, http://www.myanmarnlp.net.mm was designed by ko zaw htut or ko wunna.
just a wild guess :)
Yes. .net.mm was by Myanmars.NET. I think it's abandoned now. Ko Zaw Htut, if an updated installer can not be kept on .net.mm site, can it at least be redirected to the .org.mm site? Thanks.


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