Dear friends,
I am testing which is a basic search engine for the Myanmar Language. It has just crawled for testing and evaluation. Of course, MITP will soon be crawled too. :) You may kindly advise which additional sites to be added for further evaluation.
Example Queries:
Your suggestions and feedbacks will be well appreciated.
Nice day.
Warmest Regards,

Gadone beta is currently running on a single instance on a cloud and the users may experience slowness or even downtime during crawling, indexing and patching. 

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still fixing some issues with finding all keywords effectively.


is there any website submission page?

it would be great if you have one....


sure bro. we will add it. thanks for your advice.
Great Ko Tun! I like the domain name as well :)

i did search my name, a lot of results came up with  the search (mainly with MITP)




>> a lot of results came up with  the search (mainly with MITP)

More popular on MITP -> more hate points T_T

@Ko Tun

My name is ဝေးနီ ၊ ဝေး.....နီ ( like James Bond) :D


>>More popular on MITP -> more hate points T_T

It is all your fault bro, "မြောက်ပေးတာကိုး" :P


You've done a GREAT JOB!

1+ stuff for IT Community of Myanmar.


Really appreciate bro! \o/

p.s. You've got very good Domain Name. Hope you crawl the whole world!! ;D

Ranking တွေဘာတွေနဲ့ Google လို ဦးစားပေးပြီး ဖေါ်ပြတာလား? ဒီအတိုင်းပဲ တွေ့သမျှ အဖြေကို ပြတာလား?

What happened with this project? does not seem to be responding!


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