Hello all, Greetings...  I have installed Myanmar3 font with Keyman.  Whenever I typed Myanmar characters, it is not coming in the right order.  For instance to spell 'cat' in Burmese, I typed    ေ followed by က, but as soon I typed က, the position of က and ေ switched like ကေ and I'm not why it is happening.   Any help & suggestion is greatly appreciated.  

Thank you.

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Thank you Lionslayer.   I'm not so sure how it works but I accidentally removed Zawgyi1 font and now I'm able to type in the correct order. Meaning, I was able to type ကြောင်  in the order ေ + က + ြ + ာ + င်,  as you see ေ comes first.  I have read the post you sent and it was suggested that we should really start with က + ြ + ေ .  I have tried that approach but I end up something like this  ကြငော် .  I was under impression that somehow ေ  will come before ကြ on the third stroke but it didn't happen.   I'm not so sure what is the right approach, but for now it is working fine.  Since you have a very nice article on this to really start with က + ြ + ေ ,  i am pretty sure there must be a good reason, but for now I wasn't able to follow it.  Please let me know. Many thanks

You don't need to worry about keyboard and don't need to worry about sequence. I am just giving you information of how Unicode works. Unicode keyboards are smart. Let's say you use MyanSan keyboard for typing ကြောင်, then you need to type သဝေထိုး ကကြီး ရရစ် ရေးချ ငသတ် - aujmif. But if you use Zawgyi-Uni keyboard in keymagic, you need to type like Zawgyi, သဝေထိုး ရရစ် ကကြီး ရေးချ ငသတ် - auMmif. But the output from both keyboards is compiled as standard - က ြ ေ ာ င ် . You will only notice the sequence when you are deleting with backspace.


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