Currently I am looking for a way to improve my Burmese typing skills and then I remember my first days with computer. My first ever computer class is to practising the keyboard typing. The typing tutor program itself was a small and simple program, user just need to type whatever appear on the screen, but it make sure user learn the position of the key one by one.

I was excited and happy to type for hours and hours coz it is first ever computer program I've ever used. Even it is a small program, the benefit of using it is enormous, and I never have to look at the keyboard while I am typing on computer. I would never forget the enjoyment I got from that class.

I thought that I would never have to use the typing tutor software again, but I was wrong because I need to learn Myanmar Keyboard layout now. So based on my experience, the best way to learn the keyboard layout is through Typing Tutor software, I search on the Internet for it.

May be I haven’t search hard enough, I can’t find anything yet. If anyone could show me a way to get any Myanmar Typing Tutor software developed by anyone, it would be much appreciated.

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Is the site not finished yet? I cannot find any Buy option there or demo download. But, then again, why would they put the website online whose purpose is to let the users download demo and purchased registered software when there is still no such option on the website?

This is one example of Myanmar companies who know how to make software but failed to make any profit from it. How hard will it be for them to register at any e-commerce site (RegNow, eSellerate, Plimus) and then wrap their software in a DRM (Armadillo, eSellerate) and let the users download demo??? Maybe me they shall hire me for their marketing manager :P
Without demo, it is very hard to evaluate the quality of the software, and it seems like only way to buy that software is to contact that company directly by mail, email or phone.
You can download it from there. No need to buy David Ba Con English Myanmar Typing Tutor because it's produced in 2002 and so old now. :)
No plan to develop that kind of software anymore?


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